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“Positively Addictive”

Introducing the Ashbell's Line of Chef-Created-Products

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We start with tradition: Ashbell’s all-natural ready-to-serve products are artisinally prepared using a generations-old family technique. But the end result is new:  Heart-healthy, sustainably raised meat and fish get a foodie makeover. Ashbell’s exclusive recipes marry global flavors and spices with Southern-style cures and the slow burn of genuine Applewood. Asian-inspired smoked duck? A meltingly delish bite! Hot and spicy jerk tuna? Try that in your salad! Moist, meaty and ultra-peppery turkey pastrami on rye? Your tastebuds will say, “Badda-boom!

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Our Values

Ashbell’s founder Chef Ashbell McElveen is kicking it global while keeping it local! We use Slow Food artisanal methods of curing and smoking, passed down from generations of culinary masters from the American South. The fine herbs and spices used in our original recipes are sourced from many continents.


Our Products

Our locally-raised meats are free of hormones and antibiotics and our seafood is sustainably-caught or responsibly farmed. All our products are vacuum sealed and ready-to-serve, or freezable. Ashbell’s Premium Meat and Seafood product line is 100% natural and does not contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.


Legacy and Remembrance

A portion of every sale of Ashbell’s products goes to the James Hemings Society.

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